Unique style for a unique guest experience.

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Hospitality is a unique industry where design, elegance and automation blend into the room décor to provide a creative touch point for the guest.
Every guest is unique and its important have the perfect combination of all the factors from the time the guest checks-in to the hotel till the time the guest checks-out; a unique journey and we become part of that journey every single day.

We walk in this amazing journey of the guest with various technology providers worldwide providing guest room automation, temperature and lighting control, access control integration, conference and banqueting automation, and public spaces integration with different material and design of switches and Sockets.


Level up the style of your luxurious home.

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A European group focused in providing customized professional products and solutions in the residential industry.
Comfort at the touch of your fingertips, whether it’s your home or yacht, we provide complete integration and automation with various leading partners worldwide. We help your dreams become a reality by providing personalized living experiences with details into those tiny things that always matter.

Our integrated technologies with Crestron and other partners are the ideal solutions for your home. The integrated solutions offer an easy-to-use environment with precision into lighting, audio and video, security, air conditioning, barriers, curtain controls and heating systems.


Create an unforgettable customer experience

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In a fast and changing world, connected spaces with automation is a key to today’s productive world, whether we look at a smart office space, a conference centre, or even a museum or a traditional business space. Our goal is to achieve the seamless transformation of design and technology between audio-visual and lighting controls with automation.

We work with leading technology providers globally in various walks of your daily life to provide tailor-made products in the transportation industry, cruise ships, Exhibition and Conference halls, museums and offices spaces to provide luxury and comfort

Discover our signature collections

Art is a revolution where a creative adult is like a surviving child and the perfect blend is what creates the next product. In the electrical world, the perfect blend between the material and the finishes is what glows up your space.

Our iconic products communicate a desire of uniqueness, acting as a reference for aesthetically refined and qualitatively demanding customers.

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