Express your individuality
with customized Crestron® switches

Tailored to your soul with an excellence to details, custom finishes for the Horizon and Horizon EX dimmers give a complete custom control to your lifestyle. In contemporary and luxurious environments, where every detail counts, our finishes create some of the bold impressions of luxury and comfort.

is in the details

Our keypads support various technologies to achieve the best in automation.
We understand that the perfect blend between design and comfort cannot be achieved without technology. Our range of keypads also support seamless integration into the Crestron Home network through the Cresnet chipset. Define your desire from one of our collections or contact us so we can assist you better.

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A world of possibile button combinations.
Tailored to your soul.

Handcrafted keypads with contemporary touch of nature provide an essence of warmth and luxury.

A world of possibile button combinations.
Tailored to your soul.

Handcrafted keypads with contemporary touch of nature provide an essence of warmth and luxury.

FAQ Crestron® Series

Check out FAQ for customized frames for Horizon

Horizon keypads can be customized with one of the below options:
- Just Trims
- Frames with traditional Horizon buttons
- Frames with engraved Metallic buttons (Maximum letters allowed is 18 including symbols)
- Frames with engraved buttons with glow (Maximum letters allowed is 10 including symbols)

No, we will ship the frames and buttons so that it can be assembled by the partners directly.

Yes, Crestron Horizon power receptacles can be customized with the same finish as keypads or any other finishes

Horizon receptacles can be customized with one of the below options:
- Just Trims
- Frames with traditional Horizon receptacle finish in the centre
- Frames with Metallic finishes. (For frames with metallic finishes, the devices must be shipped to Rhombus)

Yes, we can use different finishes on the same product, the choice is purely based on the aesthetic design of the product.

FAQ Rhombus Keypads

Check out FAQ for Rhombus Keypads

Rhombus primarily produces Contact closure and Cresnet connected keypads.  We also produce wiring accessories and various customized products.

Yes, Rhombus supports all international electrical standards.

Yes, Rhombus produces keypads with different technologies based on special requirements and based on demand / quantity but is not a standard offering.

Yes, Rhombus produces contact closure keypads, Cresnet connected keypads and toggles. They all can be integrated into any system with contact closure or Cresnet connected system.

Kindly check our downloads section for the various finishes in Metal, Wood, Leather, Stone, and RAL colours.

No, Rhombus keypads and devices cannot be used with standard 120V or 230V wiring but must be used as part of a class-2 wiring circuit. 

Yes, Rhombus metallic devices can be engraved.

Yes, Rhombus provides a service for customized finishes at an additional price and requires a minimum order quantity of 50 units.

Rhombus support back boxes based on the electrical standard within the country. Rhombus also produces customized backboxes where needed for projects

The average lead-time for Rhombus products is around 12-14 weeks, however we do provide shorter or longer lead time based on product customization and finishes. 
*Kindly note that due to the current market circumstances, we do have delays in getting some of the finishes and electronics as compared to the past.

Yes, we do produce customized keypads for outdoor requirements.

We are currently working on a partner section that will provide easy access for completing your keypad configuration for the complete project.

Our standard keypad dimensions are mentioned below based on the various electrical standards:
UK 1-gang: 90 x 90 mm
US 1-gang: 90 x 120 mm
EU 1-gang: 90 x 90 mm

The standard engraving options depend on Font and if any special symbols are used.

Rhombus indoor keypads should only be cleaned with a dry dust rag without any cleaning products.

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Art is a revolution where a creative adult is like a surviving child and the perfect blend is what creates the next product. In the electrical world, the perfect blend between the material and the finishes is what glows up your space.

Our iconic products communicate a desire of uniqueness, acting as a reference for aesthetically refined and qualitatively demanding customers.

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