Wood Collection

Wooden sockets,  switches and accessories by Rhombus Europe

Nemesis wood collection creating the contemporary touch of the nature.



Nemesis wood collection creating the contemporary touch of the nature

A material that has been used more commonly for years and that can be adapted with passion to your universe.

Creating the warmth between your serenity and the comfort, we work with meticulous detail to provide one of the most impeccable products.

We provide a wide range of finishes that easily blend with the surroundings and also merge with the metal and wood finishes.


Benefits of Nemesis Wood Collection


Nemesis is available in unlimited finishes.

All finishes are Anti-fingerprint treated.

Wood is never out-of-style.


Imagination is your only limit:
You could combine different finishes for the frame, the front plate and the buttons or to request all in one finish.




Imagination is your only limit

Match our faceplates with your design

Nemesis is a collection of wooden light switches, plug sockets, and a full range of complimentary electrical fittings. Traditionally crafted and finished to the highest standards using both traditional and modern technologies. Nemesis is creating the contemporary touch of nature.


Nemesis – the Greek goddess of retributive justice. She is a personification of the moral reverence for the law. Nemesis was the goddess of Retribution and Fortune in Greek mythology. Her attributes were apple-branch, rein, lash, sword, or balance. Her name was derived from the Greek words nemêsis and nemô, meaning “dispenser of dues”. Nemesis directed human affairs in such a way as to maintain equilibrium. Happiness and unhappiness were measured out by her. In myth, Nemesis was particularly concerned with matters of love. Nemesis was often sometimes depicted as a winged goddess.

We provide customized products, frame backboxes for specific accessories and projects. Kindly get in touch with us for customized products and solutions.

Inspiration from Nemesis, the goddess of retributive justice





Elegant, designed keypads which can be produced without visible screws with a wide range of finishes and different kind of buttons.

The switches are designed respecting the international electrical and safety standards worldwide.

We could engrave your logo on the front plate. The buttons could be engraved with icons too.

Switches could be equipped with LED lights if you want to.

Types of buttons



Round push-buttons ( 8mm / 12 mm / 15 mm )

Square push-buttons ( 8mm / 12 mm / 15 mm )

Rocker switch



All format of wall sockets (power sockets / data sockets / USB / RJ etc.) that can be customized with different finishes to suit your interior.
The sockets are equipped with safety pins that can be produced with and without visible screws in a wide range of finishes.



The world of design always has the need of customization that makes them stand out from one to the other.
We provide customized solutions that add some creative touch points for existing and or new range of products.
Keypads compatible with DRYCONTACT / MODBUS / CRESNET / KNX.

Our iconic products communicate a desire of uniqueness, acting as a reference for aesthetically refined and qualitatively demanding customers.