Metal Collection

Metal sockets,  switches and accessories by Rhombus Europe

Give a metal touch to your interiors with the Athena Metal collection



Give a metal touch to your interiors with the Athena Metal collection

In contemporary and luxurious environments, where every detail counts, our metallic collection creates some of the bold impressions of luxury and comfort.

Our Athena collection provides a wide range of finishes and customization that can be easily personalized to your interiors.


Benefits of Athena Metal Collection


Athena is available in unlimited finishes.

All metal finishes (other than mirror finishes) are anti-fingerprint treated.

Metal is never out-of-style.


Imagination is your only limit:
You could combine different finishes for the frame, the front plate and the buttons or to request all in one finish.




Imagination is your only limit

Match our faceplates with your design

Athena – goddess of wisdom, war and the crafts; one of the wisest, most courageous, and certainly the most resourceful of the Olympian gods. As she is often depicted with armour, a golden helmet, a shield, and holding a spear, Athena became our muse for one of a kind metal collection.

We have named the metal collection Athena because of unlimited possibilities that it provides to you. Athena has a wide range of finishes and customization that can be personalized to your interiors – to fit like a glove to your desires and your needs.

Majestic and stern, Athena surpassed all expectations of our demanding customers and that is why Rhombus Metal Collection is one of the most wanted on the market of luxurious electrical devices.


Inspiration from Athena, the goddess of wisdom


Most wanted finishes
Bronze Brushed Finish
Bronze Brushed Finish is a deep warm finish with brush marks that subtly reveal a warm copper color and has a matte protective coating. Metals are meant to be mixed. Contrast is the key! Combine matte and polished finishes to create a visually rich atmosphere.
Brass Antic Finish
Brass Antic Finish is here to stay. This finish adds charm and warmth to any space. Brass Antic Finish is one of the go-to metal in today’s most popular hotel design aesthetics. The reason? You ould find brass in pretty much any style that you can think of. Brass Antic complements nickel, bronze, chrome, and black metals, so feel free to use ore than one finish throughout your project.
Brass Brushed Finish
Brass Brushed Finish is timeless. Thanks to new tone and finish options that pair nicely with other colors, brass is making a comeback as a top choice in hospitality design. Brass Brushed Finish is iconic! Brass Finishes are “living finishes”. They are left unsealed so that it will naturally patina over time, over the years it will dull and darken with exposure to the elements. It’s a part of the character of the piece and not to be considered as defective
White Matt Finish
White Matt Finish is a matt surface that is dull rather than shiny - a creamy white matt emulsion. This finish is bright, fresh white shade with a super matte finish which brings in a lot of light and joy... The frame and buttons are with shiny and mirror effect which makes this combination perfectly balanced.
Black Brushed Finish
Black Brushed Finish has a dull polish and is made through friction. The metal is polished with a fine bristle brush on a wheel that moves in the same direction the whole time, then softened with special compound. This leaves a matte sheen on the steel. This finish is classy and eternal.



Elegant, designed keypads which can be produced without visible screws with a wide range of finishes and different kind of buttons.

The switches are designed respecting the international electrical and safety standards worldwide.

We could engrave your logo on the front plate. The buttons could be engraved with icons too.

Switches could be equipped with LED lights if you want to.

Types of buttons



Round push-buttons ( 8mm / 12 mm / 15 mm )

Square push-buttons ( 8mm / 12 mm / 15 mm )

Rocker switch



All format of wall sockets (power sockets / data sockets / USB / RJ etc.) that can be customized with different finishes to suit your interior.
The sockets are equipped with safety pins that can be produced with and without visible screws in a wide range of finishes.



The world of design always has the need of customization that makes them stand out from one to the other.
We provide customized solutions that add some creative touch points for existing and or new range of products.
Keypads compatible with DRYCONTACT / MODBUS / CRESNET / KNX.

Our iconic products communicate a desire of uniqueness, acting as a reference for aesthetically refined and qualitatively demanding customers.